About InVeo Designs

InVeo Designs LLC was formed in 2010 by the former main principals of Lumitron.  InVeo’s founders had a clear vision of a next generation embedded camera product that was needed in the marketplace and had the skills to make it a reality.  The embedded camera core would be based upon a configurable, common architecture that could be interfaced to any sensor technology with up to full HD resolution.  Supporting the core would be an extensible list of camera support functions to provide the necessary interface options required by the customer base.

InVeo has developed its’ AgileCoretm technology to facilitate this vision.  AgileCoretm is a modular embeddable camera platform with extreme functionality and performance.  This single architecture can support any standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) sensor while providing multiple, application-specific I/O options.  The highly integrated electronics system has the baseline capability to drive and receive data from analog or digital sensors, to perform non-uniformity correction, to filter defective pixels, to provide true color processing (i.e. Bayer demosaic), to provide image enhancement, to provide contrast optimization (AGC/ALC) and to provide digital zoom.  Full intensity digital video is available via Camera Link (or CoaXPress) and GigE for machine vision applications.  Simultaneously, intensity optimized video may be output to a standard monitor in NTSC / PAL / CCIR or Component analog format or in SMPTE parallel or SD/HD-SDI digital format.  An important natively supported option is H.264 compressed video output via Ethernet for security and other bandwidth limited applications (with no additional hardware required).   All of this is done via a small form factor / low power board set with integrated embedded operational software…

Our Team

W. Keith Johnson

President/Director of Engineering/Founder

Mr. Johnson has over 40 years of experience in the infrared/visible camera industry. Afterreceiving his masters degree in electrical engineering, Mr. Johnson performed electronics andsoftware design for Martin Marietta (Orlando, FL), Colman Research (Orlando, FL), NCRMicroelectronics (Fort Collins, CO), Amber Engineering (Santa Barbara, CA), and Lumitron, Inc.(Louisville, KY).

Kyle A. Johnson

COO/Director of Business Development/Founder

Mr. Johnson has over 36 years of experience in electronic/product level developments with the past 15 years in the infrared/visible camera industry. Prior to InVeo, Mr. Johnson performed electronic design, served as the lead program engineer, and managed large platform system installations for Naval Surface Weapons Center (Louisville, KY) and served as the COO/Director of Business Development for Lumitron, Inc. (Louisville, KY).

Mark K. Young

EVP/Director of Product Development/Founder

Mr. Young graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BSEE in 1987. He has over 34 years of experience designing, testing, and supporting infrared/visible cameras and systems. Mr. Young was previously employed by Innovative Electronic Designs (Louisville, KY) as an audio design engineer/research and development manager, at Naval Surface Weapons Center (Louisville, KY) as a design/systems engineer, and at Lumitron, Inc. (Louisville, KY) as a design/product development engineer.


Michael L. Haberle

EVP/Director of Software Development/Founder

Mr. Haberle has over 35 years of experience in product design, development, testing, andcustomer support with a primary focus on software. After graduation from University ofLouisville in 1986, he accepted a position as an electronics engineer at Naval Surface WeaponsCenter (Louisville, KY) in both the Gun Fire Control Group and the Shipboard Physical SecurityGroup. He joined Lumitron, Inc. (Louisville, KY) in 1996 as a software engineer and spent the next19 years developing embedded and user interface applications, protocols, device drivers andsoftware development kits for infrared cameras and camera based systems.