InVeo Designs is here to assist with your IR camera design needs.


Whether you are looking for an embeddable camera core or fully packaged unit, InVeo Designs is
ready to provide you the engineering expertise and support to design the right product to meet all
your needs.


InVeo Designs wants to partner with our customers to help them achieve the best possible
solution for their application. We pride ourselves on the ability to integrate our AgileCore(TM)
camera technology with the desired customer components, interfaces, and protocols. This way
we can deliver a camera that can drop right into any end-user’s application whether it be security,
military, aerial, industrial, or R&D.


InVeo Designs is dedicated to provide the best possible support to our customers. Assisting with
application specific issues, system integration, mechanical design, software development, and documentation provides our customers with the ability to bring their end product to market in a
timely and cost effective manner.